In the last decade, the search for the understanding of the origins of life has become more urgent. The discovery of extra-solar planets, information sent back from the remote landings on Mars and Titan detecting evidence for life, and the exploration of extreme terrestrial environments have all highlighted the need for a better understanding of the very definition of life as well as the factors that lead to the emergence of life.

Scientists from five research institutes (George Mason University, University of Illinois- Champaign Urbana, University of Colorado at Boulder, Arizona State University and the Santa Fe Institute) are collaborating on a multidisciplinary approach to further the understanding of the pathways from geochemistry to the development of the genetic code. The next chapter of their work is to deliver this information to middle and high school science teachers in the hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists to learn more about these exciting frontiers in biological research.

The curriculum and resources developed for this website come from a two week Emergence of Life: From Geochemistry to the Genetic Code workshop at the Santa Fe Institute July 5-18, 2009.

Primary Investigators

A page with biographies and pictures of the scientists involved in the FIBR grant.